Friday, February 15, 2013

Micah Challenge International

I thought it might be worthwhile posting details of the new "Micah Challenge International", which is aimed at corruption in politics. The campaign was prompted by the arrest of retired Anglican Bishop Zac Niringiye, who was detained whilst campaigning against corrupt practices by politician in Kampala. The following abstract is from the Micah Challenge website:

This Thursday 14 February Rev David Zac Niringiye will report to Wandegeya Police Station in Kampala and there is a chance that he could be taken to court and charged with the crime of ‘inciting violence’ and asked to report again.  But he is also hoping that the case will be dismissed on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution.
Last Monday, Anglican bishop, Niringiye, was arrested and detained in Kampala for distributing materials denouncing corruption, to students at Makerere University in Kampala.
His action was part of Black Monday, a movement of many different groups raising awareness and demanding action against the theft of public resources by politicians and public servants.  Bishop Niringiye has written that, “Corruption is stealing right out of the pockets of ordinary Ugandans. People are dying because they cannot access basic health care from trained staff.
Micah Challenge is preparing to launch a global call with 1 million signatures against corruption with EXPOSED 2013, which is call to action for Christians around the world to shed light on the corruption which robs the world's poorest.

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