Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are we doing enough to protect our freedom?

<Posted on behalf of Jonathan Leadbeater>

I notice today that our courts have decided it is unlawful for a Devon council to start their meetings with a prayer. I suppose a strict interpretation of the law in our adversarial system might give that result, but I vote for freedom and variety in my life.
Sadly, yesterday another 95 people were killed in Homs and hundreds were killed in the last week.
25 were killed today in Alleppo.
In Sudan the Russians and Chinese stand accused of providing arms which have been used to oppress the population of Darfur.
Breakaway South Sudan is searching for a pipeline route so it can export its oil without crossing the Northern territory, at the same time the UN declares it is protecting civilians from attack on the North South border between the newly formed "Christian" South and the "Muslim" North.
Somalian pirates, who are linked to Al Shabab have just announced they are formally linking to Al Qaeda.
In Tibet China is suppressing the population and nuns and monks are responding with self-immolation.
All this conflict is representative of a fight for freedom in many guises, and we quietly sit down and accept the lawyers views on the right to pray?
We need to jealously guard our freedoms, the internet not being one of them, or is it?
Please feel free to discuss!